What Is Avast Software?

Avast Software ( — Alwil Software) — , 1988 . 2021 NortonLifeLock Avast 8 $.

  • Avast Software s.r.o. is a Czech multinational cybersecurity software company headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic that researches and develops computer security software, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Is avast a safe software?

On the whole, yes. Avast is a good antivirus and provides a decent level of security protection. The free version comes with lots of features, although it doesn’t protect against ransomware. If you want premium protection, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid-for options. 5

What is Avast software used for?

It is a cross-platform solution that includes antivirus protection, web threat scanning, browser protection, and a cloud management console. As of 2017, Avast is the most popular antivirus vendor on the market, and it had the largest share of the market for antivirus applications.

Is Avast a virus?

Originally Answered: Is Avast Antivirus a virus? No it’s not a virus. It’s a fairly well known antivirus, albeit one of the less popular when it comes to computer security. Some more popular/”stronger” security solutions are Bitdefender, and Malwarebytes, amongst others.

Is Avast really free?

Avast provides the best free antivirus for Windows 10 and protects you against all types of malware. For complete online privacy, use our VPN for Windows 10.

Does Avast steal data?

The Avast Online Security browser extension was deleted from Mozilla, Chrome, and Opera marketplaces in December 2019 after claims that it was gathering a suspicious amount of user data — not only every website visited, but also user location, search history, age, gender, social media identities, and even personal

Why is Avast not recommended?

Cons: Avast stole and resold user data: In 2020, Avast scraped data from its users, and sold it to data companies like Google. It included YouTube views, browsing history and Google Maps locations. Expensive: If you want the full protection for Windows, it comes at a price.

How do I turn off Avast?

Answer: To disable Avast antivirus on Android devices, you have to follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the ‘Apps’ option (if you can’t find it immediately, then search for it).
  2. Scroll down to Avast Mobile security and select it.
  3. You’ll find the ‘Force Stop’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Is Avast a Trojan?

Thankfully, Avast has one of the fastest and most accurate Trojan scanners on the market.

Which is best free antivirus?

Best free antivirus software for PC

  • Microsoft Defender Anitivirus.
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud Free.
  • AVG Free Antivirus.
  • Avast Free Antivirus.
  • Avira Free Antivirus.
  • Panda Free Antivirus.

Which is best McAfee or Avast?

As you can see, both programs got great results in terms of protection, performance, and usability. In addition, both Avast and McAfee managed to avoid false positives and detect 100% of 0-day malware attacks, which is higher than the industry average. However, McAfee is the leader when it comes to performance. 6

How long does Avast Free last?

Avast Free Antivirus is now activated for one year. After 12 months you can renew the activation again by following the steps above.

Avast About us

What we think is that you have the right to live freely and safely online, no matter where you reside, whatever you enjoy doing, where you’re going, or what you’re doing next.

A history of global protection

Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera are successful in their battle against the Vienna virus, and they go on to form the ALWIL cooperative in Prague to market and sell their newly developed software. 1991

Founding a company — ALWIL Software is launched

During the collapse of Communism following the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Pavel and Eduard separate themselves from the rest of the cooperative, forming ALWIL as a separate legal entity in 1990. 1995

Joining Avast — Ondrej Vlcek

Ondrej Vlcek, who is currently the CEO of Alwil, joins the company as a software engineer. 1997

Avast goes global

After turning down an acquisition offer, Alwil instead licenses its Avast antivirus to McAfee, which sees its global distribution expand at an alarming rate as a result. 2001

Free security for all

Avast makes the pivotal choice to abandon the old antivirus revenue model in favor of providing a fully featured, free antivirus to the general public for all users. 2003

Surpassing one million users

Avast has been downloaded by more than 1 million individuals around the world in less than 30 months after it became available for free. 2006

20 million users strong

The number of individuals who use Avast continues to rise at an exponential rate, more than doubling twice in a single year to reach 20 million. 2006

Welcoming new leadership

Avast has named Vincent Steckler as its new CEO. 2010

Becoming Avast

Summit Partners joins the team as a new partner and investor. Alwil has been renamed as Avast in order to correspond with the name of our legendary product. 2011

Getting down to business

Avast is expanding its corporate security offerings, with a particular emphasis on the SMB sector. 2012

Bringing the best to mobile

SMBs will be the primary target of Avast’s business security expansion. 2012

Gaining momentum with mobile carriers

As a result of its collaborations with mobile carriers, Avast’s mobile family applications have reached the 1,000,000 subscriber mark. 2014

Rising up with the mobile boom

CVC Capital Partners has entered the picture as a strategic investor. In the history of Google Play, no other mobile security tool has ever reached the milestone of 100 million downloads as quickly as our mobile products. 2015

Celebrating our brand new headquarters in Prague

Avast has opened a new headquarters in Prague, bringing Silicon Valley-style to the Czech Republic for the first time. 2016

Joining forces, better together

Avast has acquired AVG, a cybersecurity company located in the Czech Republic, thereby doubling our total number of users while also bringing in fresh expertise and innovations. As a result of the purchase, Avast now has the largest and most advanced threat detection network in the world, thanks to our enormous user base, and our product range, geographic basis, and income sources are all more diverse. 2017

Serving 435 million active users

No single product update is required for all versions of Avast antivirus to provide protection against WannaCry, BadRabbit, and NotPetya ransomware as well as Emotet crypto-mining threats, according to the company. Avast’s adjusted billings have reached $811 million. Avast has acquired Piriform, raising our total number of active users to more than 435 million people worldwide. 2018

Going public on the London Stock Exchange

Avast is set to go public on the London Stock Exchange in May of this year. 2019

Leading a new phase of growth

Avast is set to go public on the London Stock Exchange in May this year. 2019

FTSE 100

Avast will be included in the FTSE 100 index, which measures the equities of the top companies that trade on the London Stock Exchange, in 2020. Ondrej Vlcek is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Michal Pechoucek is the Chief Technology Officer of the company. Jaya Baloo is the Chief Information Security Officer for the company. Stuart Simpson is the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Julio Bezerra is the Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer for the company. Rebecca Grattan is the Chief People and Culture Officer for the company.

Lisa Carey is the Chief Marketing Officer of the company.

Charles Walton was an American businessman and philanthropist who founded the Walton Family Foundation.

Visit our Investor site for further information about the organization’s structure and governance.

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Avast Antivirus

Avast Internet Security running onWindows 10
Developer(s) Avast
Stable release 21.11.2500 / 16 December 2021; 22 days ago(Windows version)
Operating system Microsoft Windows,macOS,Linux,Android,iOS
Available in 45 languages
Type Security software,Antivirus software
License Freeware,proprietary software
Website .avast.com

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS are all supported by Avast Antivirus, which is a collection of cross-platform internet protection apps produced by Avast. Avast Antivirus products are available in both freeware and commercial versions, and they provide a variety of services, including computer security, browser security, antivirus software, firewall, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, and anti-spam, among others. In February 2015, Avast announced Avast for Commercial, a freeware business solution that is compatible with Windows.

When it comes to antivirus software vendors, Avast is the most well-known on the market, and it also has the highest proportion of the antivirus software industry.

Avast Free Antivirus was able to detect 100 percent of the malware samples used in the test, giving the company the designation of “AV-TEST Certified.” In an AV-Comparatives test of Android malware conducted in January 2018, Avast’s Mobile SecurityAntivirus app identified 100 percent of the malware samples tested.

In spite of the company’s claims to the contrary, it was rumored that the sold data could be connected back to people’s true identities, revealing every click and search they had performed, albeit this could not be confirmed.

See also

  • For Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS, Avast Antivirus is a collection of cross-platform internet protection apps produced by Avast. There are freeware and commercial versions of Avast Antivirus products available. These products, among other things, include computer security, web browser security, antivirus software, a firewall, anti-phishing protection, anti-spyware protection, and anti-spam protection. It was in February 2015 that Avast introduced Avast for Commercial, a freeware business solution that is now available. There are several components to this cross-platform solution, including antivirus protection, web threat detection, browser protection, and a cloud-based administration panel. At the time of writing, Avast was the most popular antivirus provider on the market, and it had the highest proportion of the market for antivirus software programs. The Avast Free Antivirus program received 6 out of 6 points in the “Protection” category in an AV-TEST test conducted in February 2018. Avast Free Antivirus was able to detect 100 percent of the malware samples used in the test, earning the company the “AV-TEST Certified” certification. In an AV-Comparatives test of Android malware conducted in January 2018, the Avast Mobile SecurityAntivirus app recognized 100 percent of the malware samples. According to various news sources, Avast Antivirus, through a subsidiary, was selling the surfing data of Avast Free product customers as recently as January of this year. However, despite the company’s claims that all data was “de-identified,” it was reported that the sold data could be connected back to people’s true names, revealing every click and search they had performed, however this could not be confirmed. After receiving negative feedback about data privacy, Avast declared that it will close its subsidiary.


  • Free version includes a large number of features
  • Cybersecurity measures, including a camera shield
  • And more.
  • There are no discounts for multiyear subscriptions. VPN access is only available in the most expensive tier.

It was created in 1988 by Avast, a Czech company that sells totally free antivirus software, in addition to two premium antivirus software packages that are available under both the Avast and the AVG names. To safeguard smart homes and Wi-Fi networks, Avast also offers Omni, which is a distinct combination hardware/antivirus security subscription solution sold separately. In July 2016, Avast purchased AVG, a Czech cybersecurity provider that was previously owned by Avast. While both firms market technology-based security solutions, Avast’s software is available in a larger range of packages than that of its competitor.

Price$59.99Up Operating Systems with a Free Trial Version Windows, AndroidSee Review360 Overall RatingPrice$79.99UpFree Version Operating Systems Windows, AndroidSee Review360 Overall RatingPrice$79.99UpFree Version Windows and Android devices are covered in this review.

Four different antivirus packages are available from Avast, each of which is priced for a single-year subscription. In addition to regular malware protections and speciality add-on features, Avast FreeAntivirus(Windows, macOS) is a no-cost package that contains a wide list of both standard malware defenses and specialist add-on features. Attacks on your system can be carried out by malicious files and emails, keyloggers or other hacking tools such as websites and botnets, all of which are protected against by Avast Free.

  • Protections against ransomware are provided. Hacker alarms that keep an eye out for possible password breaches
  • A Wi-Fi inspector that alerts you to possible threats associated with vulnerabilities on every device that is connected to your Wi-Fi network
  • And A Behavior Shield that keeps track of the websites you visit and alerts you when potentially dangerous activity is taking place
  • Smart Scan to inform you of ways to improve the overall performance of your system
  • It also has My Statistics, which shows you how many files have been scanned and how many threats have been prevented
  • And A Do Not Disturb mode that prevents third-party apps from sending you notifications or displaying pop-ups while you’re engaged in a game, watching a movie, or delivering a presentation
  • A recovery disk that may be used to restore your system after a virus infection
  • To ensure that all of your software is up to date, a manual software updater is recommended. Tools to prevent hackers from using your email account to send fake emails
  • Anti-phishing software to protect your computer from being hacked
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Protections against ransomware are available. Cyber-security warnings that keep an eye out for probable password leaks It is a Wi-Fi inspector that alerts you to the presence of vulnerabilities on every device that is connected to your Wi-Fi network. A Behavior Shield that keeps track of the websites you visit and alerts you when potentially dangerous activity is taking place; and You may use the Smart Scan to find out how to improve the performance of your system. It also has My Statistics, which informs you how many files have been scanned and how many threats have been detected and prevented; Do not disturb mode, which prevents third-party applications from sending you notifications or popping up while you’re engaged in a game, movie, or presentation; and Following a virus infection, a recovery disk can be used to restore your system.

Tools to prevent hackers from using your email account to send fake emails; Anti-phishing software to protect your information from being stolen;

  • Real Site, a feature that protects against rogue websites masquerading as legitimate websites
  • A firewall that, according to Avast, is more sophisticated than the built-in firewall in Windows
  • Protection using a password
  • A data shield that is sensitive
  • A data shredder that assures that infected files are completely and permanently erased
  • A webcam shield, which prevents hackers from eavesdropping on you using the camera on your computer
  • A remote-access barrier that prevents unwanted connections to your computer from being made
  • In order to keep any infection confined, a “sandbox” is used, which opens suspicious files in a secured system environment.

With or without a credit card, you may sample Avast Premium Security for free for 30 days, or for 60 days if you use a credit card. Avast Premium Security is available for the following prices:

  • One device costs $39.99 for the first year, then $69.99 per year after that
  • Ten devices cost $49.99 for the first year, then $89.99 per year after that.

As a bonus, Avast Ultimate Security (for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS) includes three standalone products from the company: Avast Secureline VPN, which provides virtual private network (VPN) protection; Avast Cleanup Premium, which helps to optimize a PC’s performance; and Avast AntiTrack, which prevents websites from tracking your online activities. Avast Ultimate Security is available for the following prices:

  • One device costs $59.99 for the first year, and then $99.99 per year after that
  • Ten devices cost $69.99 for the first year, and then $119.99 per year after that.

Security solution Avast Omni (Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS) is a smart home security solution that protects and monitors all devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi network in a house or office. All desktop and mobile operating systems are supported, as are the fundamental antivirus protections provided by Avast, in addition to kid protection features and parental controls. Avast Omni is normally priced at $99.99 per year, while the firm occasionally provides significant discounts.

Multiyear discounts are not available for Avast’s Premium, Ultimate, and Omni antivirus packages; subscriptions are only available for a single year and a single device or up to ten devices; the firm does not give discounts for multiple-year subscriptions.

Prices for a single device range from $39.99 to $69.99 for the first year, and from $69.99 to $119.99 each year after that for protection of up to ten devices (see table below).

Multiyear discounts are not available for Avast’s Premium, Ultimate, and Omni antivirus packages; subscriptions are only available for a single year and a single device or up to ten devices; no savings are available for multiyear subscriptions. Prices for a single device range from $39.99 to $69.99 for the first year, and from $69.99 to $119.99 each year after that for protection of up to ten devices (see table).

Similar Antivirus Software

Prices range from $39.99 to $49.99 for the best antivirus software. Windows and Android are supported by the free version of the software. Price: $59.99Up from 360 overall rating Windows and Android are two operating systems that are available for free. See Review for further information. Price$39.99Up from 360 overall rating Windows and Android are supported by the free version of the software.

All Avast antivirus solutions feature a comprehensive suite of antivirus and malware defenses that are both extremely effective and easy to use. However, Avast antivirus software does not contain some cybersecurity capabilities that are available from many other antivirus software suppliers, the most notable of which is a virtual private network (VPN). As an alternative to offering a single all-encompassing solution, Avast provides a variety of distinct cybersecurity solutions that may be used either alone or in conjunction with its antivirus software.

According to Avast, its malware definitions are updated more than 100 times every day. According to Avast, more comprehensive software upgrades are released multiple times a year, with the majority of them occurring every month. All virus definitions and software updates are carried out automatically and transparently to the user throughout the installation process.

Passive mode, which is available in Avast, allows users to temporarily stop antivirus protection, which is something the company warns against. However, using Avast’s “passive mode,” you may run another antivirus application in addition to Avast’s to provide additional protection.

If you need to remove Avast antivirus or cybersecurity software, the company suggests that you use Avast Setup Wizard, which is the same tool that was used to install the products in the first place. Alternatively, Avast provides Uninstall Utilities that may be downloaded from the Avast website.

Still seeking for additional information about antivirus software or trying to figure out which antivirus software is the best fit for you? More information can be found in the directory listed below.

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If you’re looking for antivirus software, we’ll explain what matters most to customers, industry professionals, and professional reviews. After that, we present an honest evaluation of the antivirus software that is now available for review. It is our mission to provide customers with the knowledge and resources they need to make well-informed purchasing choices. Please see this page for more information on our 360 Reviews technique for reviewing antivirus software providers.

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Top 346 Avast Antivirus Reviews

Top rated reviews are arranged in alphabetical order. Exceptional evaluations RecentOldest It was quite beneficial This review was brought to your attention through a link. The position of this item on this page may change the next time you come here. How can I know that the Avast Antivirus reviews I’m reading are accurate? How can I know that the Avast Antivirus reviews I’m reading are accurate?

  • ConsumerAffairs has validated a total of 3,521,576 reviews. We require contact information in order to verify that our reviewers are legitimate. We make use of clever tools to assist us in maintaining the integrity of reviews. Our moderators read all of the reviews to ensure that they are of high quality and usefulness.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com. Reviews 0 – 5 on Page 1 Christopher, a resident of Hernando Beach, Florida Original review date: June 26, 2021 by a verified reviewer I use the free versions of AVG and Avast. These two anti-virus tools are excellent, and they perform on a par with any commercial anti-virus software available. I have never had a problem with any of my PCs, and neither has anybody else to whom I have suggested them.

  1. Tessa of Crestline, California is a Verified Reviewer whose original review was published on June 18, 2021.
  2. It prevents viruses from being downloaded from websites, and it even assists me in updating software on my computer.
  3. KATHY from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a Verified Reviewer whose original review was published on June 16, 2021.
  4. If you have any difficulties with clean up (even though you have enhanced service, which means you have a secure Internet connection), they need you to subscribe to an additional service, which means you must pay more money – and it does not allow you to empty the trash file on your own.
  5. Avast was suggested to me by a computer-savvy acquaintance.
  6. I conducted research.
  7. There were no problems at this time.

I was using AVG free at the time and had a problem.

Everyone has a favorite of their own.

Using free anti-virus software is fine until you have a problem.

On your computer, you may keep track of business or home information.

Date of the first review: June 12, 2021 This is an excellent program!

My PC has been infected with a large number of viruses and Trojan horses!

They keep their virus definitions up to date on a regular basis, and they provide clear instructions throughout the system!

Avast is a company that should not be purchased from.

I tried it for three days and found that it did not function as intended.

I went online and clicked on the “cancel” button.

The gentleman desired to adjust my computer in order to determine whether or not it would function properly.

He provided me with the sales department phone number that I would need to call in order to cancel and receive a refund.

She wanted to send me back to tech support, which I declined.

“We do not offer returns,” she stated.

She walked away and returned to the phone five minutes later.

I told her no for the second time.

I became quite agitated and vocal.

In addition, she has said that she will send an email confirming the cancellation and reimbursement.

I called PayPal and filed a challenge against the order, and I will be contacting my bank the following day, which is tied to PayPal.

Keep a safe distance between yourself and them.

Nancy from Springfield, Illinois, who has been verified as a reviewer The original review date is October 11, 2021.

I do not use AVAST, and I have not used AVAST in a long period of time.

After several weeks of emails, I’ve received either a response that they would look into it and get back to me within 48 hours, or a complete lack of response.

I’m attempting to get in touch with online attorneys.

Selma from the Bronx, New York is a verified reviewer whose original review was published on July 26, 2021.

One of the reasons I decided to cancel was because of their frequent advertisements to upgrade.

Tamy of Natick, Massachusetts is a Verified Reviewer whose original review was published on July 10, 2021.

As a result, I was charged more than $100 to try to renew software that I did not require at the time.

This is a deceptively deceptive manner of acting.

I use a variety of subscription products, and all of them warn you when your subscription is about to expire IN THE APPLICATION.

Sarah from Gulfport, Mississippi is a Verified Reviewer.

I just set it up for automatic scanning, and they keep up with my updates. You did a fantastic job. In different areas, all anti-virus programs perform better than others, and so far they have kept me protected.

Avast Antivirus Review (2022) // The Pros & Cons

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about ConsumerAffairs.com reviews. The following are the first five reviews on page one: 0. Christopher from Hernando Beach, Florida has submitted this entry. First published on June 26, 2021 by a verified reviewer AVG free and Avast free are the antivirus programs that I use on my computer. Neither of these anti-virus solutions is particularly outstanding, but they are on par with the best you can get on the market. None of my machines have ever had a problem, and neither have any of the others I’ve suggested these to do so.

  • Testimonial written by Tessa of Crestline, California on June 18, 2021, by a verified reviewer Whenever there is a problem, I receive notices in real time from Avast, which I find to be really helpful.
  • Upgrade to the commercial version for even more useful features is something I’m considering doing.
  • Very good value for money is provided by this free service.
  • The original review was done on June 13, 2021 by Toni of Roy, Montana.
  • On my PC, it does really work.
  • It appears to be in good working condition.
  • It’s been three years since my last post here.

a major deal I had to clean out and upgrade to a stronger antivirus program, which took many hours.

Select the one that best suits your needs.

Find out what will work best for you by conducting research, as well as how often you will use your computer to do so.

Sue from Fort Mc Coy, Florida is a Verified Reviewer on Trustpilot.

It also comes with a money-saving app that displays lower rates and promotional codes for users to take advantage of.

Even though it is free, you may upgrade to the complete software for a one-time charge of $19.95 each year.

Verified Reviewer: John from Warrenville, IL.

Avast is a company that should not be purchased.

The product did not perform as planned after three days of trial and error.

Got on the internet and clicked on the “cancel” link.

The gentleman requested that I modify my computer in order to determine whether or not it will function properly after the changes.

To cancel and receive a refund, he provided me with the sales department’s phone number, which I needed to contact.

She expressed a desire to have me returned to tech support.

“We do not offer returns,” she explained.

Then she walked away and returned to the phone five minutes later.

I told her no for a second time.

I became agitated and yelled a lot.

In addition, she has said that she will send an email confirming the return.

Disputed the order with PayPal, and I’ll be calling my bank tomorrow, which is tied to PayPal’s payment processor.

Keep a safe distance between yourself and the group.

11th of October, 2021 (original review) PayPal notified me that AVAST had debited $74.36 from my PayPal account.

Despite my lack of awareness or agreement, I was charged for this.

The way I see it, they’re spinning the clock so that I’ll have “timed out” at some point in the road.

Take caution while dealing with these individuals.

Even after I cancelled my Avast subscription, the program continues to place giant blue squares in front of anything I am doing on my computer.

Due to the fact that there is no means to contact them about this, I am unsure how to stop these advertisements from appearing.

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I was charged more than $100 for software that I did not require and had no intention of using.

To act in this manner is deceptive.

All of the other subscription products that I use warn you when your subscription is about to expire RIGHT IN THE APP.

Sarah from Gulfport, Mississippi, is a Verified Reviewer for this product or service.

Everything is automated, so they are always up to speed with my changes. Exceptional performance. In different areas, all anti-virus programs perform better than others, and so far, they have kept me protected last year.

Avast Antivirus Free

One of the most well-known features of Avast is their Free Antivirus. In addition to Mac OS X and iOS, Android and Windows Phone are also supported by the application. It is a comprehensive solution for individual users who are looking for high-quality security. Avast Antivirus relies on machine learning (one of the applications of artificial intelligence found in the real world) to defend users from new and sophisticated viruses and other threats. Avast’s extensive threat-detection network is utilized to its maximum potential in this process.

Avast uses this technology to scan the activity of individual programs in order to detect anything suspicious.

It automatically identifies questionable files and sends them to the cloud for further investigation to be performed.

A Do Not Disturb option is also available, which prevents popups from appearing when the user is viewing movies or playing games.

Avast Premium Security

Avast is most well-known for their Free Antivirus software. In addition to Mac OS X and iOS, Android and Windows Phone are also supported by the app. It’s a comprehensive solution for individual customers who are looking for high-quality security at an affordable price. When it comes to protecting users from new and sophisticated viruses and other dangers, Avast Antivirus depends on machine learning (one of AI’s real-world applications). Avast’s extensive threat-detection network is utilized to its maximum potential in this manner.

Individual programs are scanned for suspicious activity using this function, which alerts the user if there is anything wrong.

In addition, it automatically detects questionable files and transmits them to the cloud for further examination and analysis.

When viewing movies or playing games, the user can turn on Do Not Disturb mode, which prevents popups from appearing.

Avast Business Antivirus

Avast Business Antivirus, Avast Business Antivirus Pro, and Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus are the different versions of this product. The most basic version is accessible on all three platforms at the same time (Windows, Mac and Android). Business Antivirus Pro and Pro Plus, on the other hand, are solely intended for Windows customers. File Shield, which can be found in all three, examines apps and files before they are executed or opened. CyberCapture has the ability to transfer potentially harmful data to the Threat Lab for further investigation.

The macOS version, on the other hand, is less feature-rich.

For many Windows users, the Data Shredder alone may be worth the price of admission in and of itself.

The Pro Plus version includes additional features such as Browser Cleanup, Webcam Shield, Passwords, and SecureLine VPN. Also, have a look at the other prominent antivirus companies, such as Norton and BitDefender:

Define Avast

Anti-virus computer software brand Avast, stylized as “avast!” and developed by Czech company Avast Software, is stylized as “avast!” The name of the application is really an abbreviation for Anti-Virus – Advanced Set, which stands for Anti-Virus – Advanced Set. AVG Technologies is a security software company that competes against firms like Symantec, McAfee and AVG Technologies. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


In 1988, a pair of Czechoslovakian researchers, Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera, collaborated on the development of a software that would prevent the Vienna Virus from infecting computer systems. Baudis and Kucera formed a cooperative named Alwil Software in order to develop the initial version of Avast the next year. As a result of Czechoslovakia’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1989, which eased socio-economic limitations, Alwil grew into a full-fledged corporation, and work on the program was able to continue.

By 2012, Avast was actively used to safeguard over 170 million PCs and mobile devices, according to the company.

Major Versions

In order to accommodate both personal and business computer users, Avast offers four primary versions of their software. Computers and mobile devices are protected from viruses, spam, spyware, and other dangerous programs or communications with Avast’s Free Antivirus edition. Avast Pro Antivirus includes a sandbox for protecting the computer from potentially malicious software and websites, as well as SafeZone, which provides a browser window that is free of data residue. Several extra capabilities are included in the Internet Security edition, including a firewall for safeguarding sensitive data from hackers, a spam filter and the ability to authenticate users.

Other Versions

Avast is most recognized for its use on computers running the Windows operating system. However, it is also available for Android-based smartphones under the name Free Mobile Security, and for Apple mobile products such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod under the name SecureLine for iOS (formerly known as SecureLine for iOS). Avast delivers Endpoint Protection software for companies and educational institutions under the Endpoint Protection banner.


Currently, the most recent version of the anti-virus software is Avast 8.0, as of June 2013. Free Mobile Security, Endpoint Protection Suite for schools, and the aptly called Free Antivirus are all available for download without cost. EasyPass, which allows you to encrypt passwords, is also available for free. Pro Antivirus, Internet Security, and Premier, on the other hand, are premium applications. The Avast BackUp service for backing up hard drives is a paid membership service, and the SecureLine for iOS app requires a monthly subscription to be activated.

ReferencesResources Annotated Bio of the AuthorDan Wonder has been a writer since 2007, and has contributed to publications such as “Georgetown Research News.” He owns and operates his own public relations and communications agency, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in history as well as a master’s degree in journalism.

‎Avast Security & Privacy

Protect your device against online dangers and attackers, surf safely on public Wi-Fi networks, and maintain complete control over your online accounts with these tools. Threats and vulnerabilities are examined, among other things (FREE) Hackers will be stopped in their tracks, and you will be notified if any vulnerabilities or dangers are discovered on your device. Virus that prevents access to malicious websites (FREE) You may browse the internet without any worries. It makes no difference which browser you’re using; we’ll keep you safe from bogus and harmful websites alike.

  • Your internet traffic is encrypted while traveling over any network, allowing you to connect safely even on potentially dangerous public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Protection of identity (verify one account with no charge).
  • Photographic Vault (protect up to 40 photographs for FREE.
  • Maintain control over your images by storing them in an encrypted folder and ensuring that only you have access to them using a PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID.
  • Concerning our subscriptions: Test drive the service before you buy it: An annual membership includes a 14-day trial period, while a monthly subscription offers a 7-day trial period.
  • – If you do not turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current term, your membership will automatically renew for the next period.
  • – Your App Store account will be charged for the amount due.
  • If you wish to cancel your existing membership, you must do so before the end of your current subscription period.

Privacy Policy can be found atTerms and Conditions can be found atVersion 2.9.3Improvements have been made, including bug fixes, app crashes, and other improvements. Your input allows us to make continuous improvements to our software. Please provide feedback in the form of a review.

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 stars out of a possible 552.7K points

Pretty good security at a fair price

Wow, this is the greatest invention since sliced bread! And I have a bridge to sell in San Francisco, which is a bonus! Actually, I’ve been using Avast for years – many years in the free version – but with cell phones being ubiquitous and my family being completely unaware of the dangers, it was time to make the investment. It has previously saved my life, as I have avoided the need to re-install many versions of Windows after being infected with malware and keyloggers that were detected by Avast.

They’ve always provided excellent protection, and it appears that they’re just getting better!

A significant irritant that drops my rating two stars.

Yes, it is a little inconvenient that my router isn’t considered secure enough to keep hackers at bay. However, I have the option of turning off the notice. However, while traveling and attempting to upload images from my camera to my iPad through WiFi, I would get about 3-5 photos into the transfer before everything would shut down, sometimes before or after the first shot, depending on the situation. The necessity of restarting the camera and the app every 1-4 times becomes tiresome while attempting to transmit approximately 300 photographs shot in a single day.

This is why I am willing to take my chances with nefarious characters attempting to break into my camera’s WiFi within that sphere of 6′ in all directions if Avast doesn’t provide a way for the user to turn off the protection for certain unsecured connections (such as the camera’s WiFi, which literally requires the iPad to be within 6′).

Allow us to finish dealing with an unsecured network that we have no control over and over which we have no capacity to adjust the security settings without forcing us to uninstall and reinstall the program.


Either slow or no internet connection

I’m not usually one to post reviews, but ever since I installed Avast, I’ve been unable to do anything on my phone that requires an internet connection, which is unusual for me. I appreciate the security and protection, but if I had known that it would be this annoying, I would not have downloaded the program in the first place. I’m continually having to switch off my VPN because I’m unable to use certain apps without getting a message saying that there is a problem with the connection. Yes, using a VPN makes the connection slower, but repeatedly being informed that I don’t have an internet connection is inconvenient, especially when I’m simply using my data plan.

When it comes to my PC, I enjoy using Avast, but I would not advocate putting it on your phone.

Hello, we’re sorry to hear it, but we appreciate you informing us.

Could you please email us using the form below and describe your problem again, as well as specifying what device you are using?

(or add any useful information). Thanks, Avast According to the app’s creator, AVAST Software, the app’s privacy practices may include the treatment of data in the manner mentioned below. More information can be found in the privacy policy of the developer.

Data Used to Track You

The following information may be used to monitor your movements across many applications and websites controlled by different businesses:

Data Not Linked to You

These pieces of information may be used to monitor your movements across many applications and websites controlled by different businesses:

  • The following information may be used to monitor your movements across many applications and websites operated by different companies:

For example, depending on the features you use or your age, your privacy practices may be different. Read on to find out more


Size50.9 MBCompatibilityAVAST Software a.s. SellerAVAST Software a.s. iPhone It is necessary to have iOS 12.0 or later. iPad iPadOS 12.0 or later is required for this feature. iPod touch is a portable media player that allows you to listen to music on the go. It is necessary to have iOS 12.0 or later. Foreign language(s): English; Czech; Dutch; French; German; Hindi; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Thai; Traditional Chinese; Turkish; Vietnamese; other Rating for those above the age of four Copyright 2020 AvastPriceFreeIn-App Purchases AvastPriceFreeIn-App Purchases

  1. A year for $19.99
  2. Monthly fees of $4.99
  3. Monthly fees of $2.49
  4. A year for $15.99


The removal of Avast’s web extension from Google and Mozilla’s stores triggered a controversy that showed that Avast (which also owns AVG) had been reportedly spying on its customers’ browsing data and selling it to companies for millions of dollars in profit. As a result of these immoral tactics, we are unable to advocate them on our website any longer. More information regarding the debate and our conclusion may be found here. This list of the ten greatest antiviruses of 2022 is a list of antivirus firms that we believe are worthy of your time and consideration.

However, Avast appears to be banking that you’ll want all of the security features that you can buy, but its premium levels appear to be delivering much too little for the money.

You’ll like the protection provided by Avast, as well as the quickness with which it detects and mitigates potentially harmful apps – just try not to become too upset by the program’s frequent requests that you update.


After all, Avast went above and above when it came to designing the free edition of their antivirus program, which has been stated. Even the most basic virus scan has more capability than the majority of other programs. However, instead of only looking for viruses and malware, it also looks for other issues such as out-of-date software, harmful browser add-ons, network difficulties, unsecured important documents, and insufficiently strong passwords. No malware, bad extensions, or network concerns were discovered during my initial scan, however insecure software, unprotected documents, and weak passwords were discovered during the second scan.

  • What exactly does Avast consider to be unprotected important documents, and how does it go about identifying them?
  • As it turns out, the scanning of critical papers is quite successful.
  • In all, just two false positives were recognized by the system.
  • It also provides a convenient button to the right of each item that, when clicked, instantaneously displays the location of each document that it has discovered.
  • DLP is a technique that is typically employed in the setting of major corporations that hold sensitive consumer information such as credit card and social security numbers on their servers and in their databases.
  • The organization will then be able to pinpoint exactly where its sensitive data is located and take actions to guarantee that it is not moved or deleted by unauthorized personnel.
  • Although you may make use of this information without committing to a membership, there isn’t much you can do with it on your own.
  • If an attacker tries to move or delete these files, the application prevents them from doing so and warns the user of the attempt.
  • Using some sort of futuristic hash-scanning technology, I was expecting the service to inform me that I had set one of my passwords to “123cat” or something equally basic, and that the service would inform me of this.

This is undoubtedly beneficial, but it isn’t worth it to commit to an annual membership when you could simply use one of the finest password managers that are currently available on the market. (More on this in a moment.)

Does the Antivirus Engine Make the Grade?

All of these additions, in my opinion, are a diversion from the main focus of the scan, which is the malware detection engine. Independent lab testing have revealed that Avast has a highly rated antivirus engine, which has demonstrated sophisticated features while also detecting zero false positives in the tests conducted. There were just a few antivirus engines that scored higher. Furthermore, testing conducted under real-world situations has demonstrated that Avast is effective at identifying and inhibiting the channels – such as drive-by downloads and code injection assaults – via which malware spreads and spreads.

  • If any malware manages to slip through the cracks, an automated scan will often discover and eliminate the infection within a day.
  • It will identify the vast majority of known malware samples quickly, quarantine them, and subsequently remove them.
  • If you feel that Avast has overlooked a file, you may right-click on any file in the Windows Explorer panel and pick the file or folder for individual scanning from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • It identifies the vast majority of sites that attempt to transmit malware before it begins to download malware into your computer’s hard drive.
  • Phishing sites — sites that seek to impersonate banking login screens and social networking accounts – are significantly more frequent than malware sites, and they are also a little easier to put up than malware sites.
  • The ability to protect consumers from phishing sites with astonishing effectiveness is provided by Avast, despite the fact that it is a paid service.
  • To summarize, the free version of Avast provides protection that is among the greatest I’ve seen in any software application.

The designers could have easily turned anything off to make the expensive upgrade even more necessary, but they haven’t done that. Despite the fact that it offers premium services like as a password locker and an encryption option for sensitive information, it does not provide any further value.


Avast, in addition to its basic antivirus functionality, provides a slew of additional capabilities in both its free and premium editions, all of which are intended to keep your data safe. These features vary from the expected to the unusual, with many of the premium features being more valuable to power users than the free ones, according to the company. Here’s everything you need to know:

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Free Features are Critical to Online Security and Quality of Life

Firstly, Avast provides a series of powerful security checks that are free to use. This is unique from the “Smart Scan” option that is available from the program’s main menu. The “protection” page will provide a number of choices, including “Full Virus Scan” and “Boot-Time Scan,” if you click on it. The Full Virus Scan is both slower and more thorough than the primary smart scan, but it is also more expensive. Despite the fact that it takes significantly longer – up to a couple of hours on a slower system – it has a higher likelihood of discovering and addressing security risks.

  • Run a Boot Time Scan as well if you haven’t already.
  • This is due to the fact that these viruses reside outside of the principal operating system.
  • A Boot Time Scan restarts your computer and keeps an eye out for suspicious applications that attempt to launch while the machine is still operating, and then stops them in their tracks if they are found.
  • The program found every item connected to my WiFi network in less than a minute when I ran it — this included my desktop computer, laptop, gaming console, smartphone, and kitchen speaker.

Avast doesn’t provide much else outside these strong malware detection capabilities – but it’s not apparent that you’d want much more than that either. It’s possible to purchase software that, among other things, purges the hard drive of a computer’s hard disk, although this is not always the case. CCleaner, on the other hand, is completely free. Do you want to get rid of materials that are extremely sensitive? Avast has a safe wipe option that may completely remove a file from your computer by repeatedly writing over it, erasing all traces of it from your machine.

There is a VPN add-on available for purchase, however several standalone VPNs provide identical functionality at a lower price.

The capabilities listed here will not make you significantly more secure than you would be with free software, and you can get the majority of its functionality with free or low-cost third-party software as well.

Ease of use

This is an area in which Avast caused me frustration. I understand that, if you’re an antivirus firm, you need to generate money by converting your free customers into paying subscribers, which I understand is a difficult task. I really shouldn’t be bothered by the fact that Avast uses every chance to upsell me – and for the most part, I don’t mind. What irritates me, though, is the widespread usage of dark-pattern user interfaces to compel me to make a payment. Please see the following sample if you are unfamiliar with dark-pattern UI.

  • When it comes down to it, the “gift” is a substantial discount on a membership.
  • According to the screenshot below, there is no “back” button, only a “purchase now” button, which is confusing.
  • By the way, when you click on that X, another pop-up window appears, giving you a free trial of the software.
  • However, by including other misleading and obtrusive upsells hidden inside its software, Avast goes a long way toward destroying its reputation.
  • There are certain settings in Avast’s “privacy” menu that are locked down with a huge orange lock, and there are some that aren’t.
  • It’s unfortunate that this is not the case.
  • The same thing happens if you click on “Performance” and then select “Driver Updater” from the drop-down menu.
  • The most severe incident occurred with the password manager, which is available for free but is not particularly effective.
  • However, it does neither advise strong passwords nor notify you about weak or duplicate passwords – something that’s required by other solutions in this category.
  • As a result, when I navigated through the choices that led to Avast’s password management feature, I chose against allowing my credentials to be imported into the program’s password manager.
  • In spite of the fact that I was able to terminate the transfer, Avast managed to download and install their proprietary secure browser on my computer — once again without my consent.

This is a little concerning. When it comes to the performance of the antivirus engine itself, there is nothing to complain about. However, for long-term users, the repeated reminders to upgrade – as well as the deceptive menu options – may become irritating.


Every pricing tier of Avast’s antivirus solution includes access to premium support services for the product. Detailed documentation on how the software’s functions and what it is intended to perform may be found in its comprehensive knowledgebase. These guide novice users through the functioning of the device and provide them the ability to perform some basic troubleshooting on their own after they have completed the training. In addition, the group has a phone center that is open around the clock for more urgent issues.

This material should be beneficial to both beginner users and power users, so please read it carefully.


If you compare the cost of Avast to that of other antivirus products, it is around average. In terms of cost, there are four primary tiers: Free, Internet Security, Premiere, and Ultimate. In the event that you are determined to pay for Avast, Internet Security is most likely the ideal selection for you to choose from. Several helpful quality of life features are included that are not available in the free tier, such as a Real Site option that protects against phishing sites, a Ransomware Shield that protects your data from encryption, a firewall that prevents infiltration attempts, and an anti-spam function.

  1. The ability to open files and applications in a virtual machine that does not have access permissions to your desktop is provided by this feature.
  2. This is a pretty nice little extra, and it’s especially useful for someone who is regularly receiving phishing attempts in their email.
  3. Adding the unneeded data shredder and disk cleanup capabilities to your Premier subscription, while upgrading to Ultimate adds the VPN and password manager to your Ultimate subscription.
  4. For the record, the free tier of Avast provides you with all of the information security features you’re likely to require; but, if you do decide to upgrade, the Internet Security tier provides you with nearly everything else.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus is a free protection software program that you may install on your Windows-based computer or smartphone. Multiple scanning options, a password manager, a URL filter, a network scanner, and a silent gaming capability are all included in the most recent edition.

Furthermore, it safeguards users from malware, viruses, ransomware, and other security risks. Besides Windows, the entire solution is also accessible for download on Android, iOS, and MacOS devices as well as on the Internet.

What is Avast Free Antivirus?

It is a system security tool that scans your Windows device for all known dangers such as viruses, spyware, malware, adware, ransomware, and other malicious software. Following a check, Avast places all questionable files and folders in quarantine, enabling users to choose which ones they want to keep and which ones they want Avast to remove from their computer. Avast may also be used to scan USB flash devices. A robust password manager, a Wi-Fi scanner, a malicious link filter, and an extra anti-ransomware function are among the features included in the free application, which is available for download here.

Users may also adjust the app’s sensitivity and modify it to meet their own needs through the usage of the application.

Is Avast Free Antivirus any good?

Despite the fact that it is free, Avast Antivirus downloadprovides comprehensive protection against new and sophisticated threats, owing to its dependence on machine learning and cloud-based security. The virus scanner in the app checks files and applications with a database of malware that has been detected and distinguishes between those that are infected and those that are questionable. Items that are deemed suspicious are uploaded to Avast’s lab for additional investigation.

Does the app have a user-friendly interface?

In addition to a sleek and easy design, Avast Free Antivirus for machines running Windows 10 and earlier is also available. Apart from being user-friendly, the program also gives systematic suggestions to assist newbies in getting started and making the best security options possible. The principal page of the application is comprised of a central text block that notifies users whether or not their computer is secured. In the event that there is a problem, the text includes the letter X in a dark shade of red.

The Avast Antivirus interface also includes connections to all of the capabilities that the software provides, as well as links to features that are only available to paid customers.

Does Avast Antivirus offer quick scanning?

Several scanners, including rapid scan, network scan, deep scan, and others are included in the Avast free trial. It scans the entire computer with the program’s rapid scan feature, but it is more focused on regions where viruses are known to find refuge. The scanner examines the boot process, applications, USB devices, and folders, among other things. Using a Wi-Fi scanner, you can completely remove the potential of cyberattacks and hacks. Running a comprehensive scan may take some time, but it is necessary in order to discover any suspicious files or directories.

Avast also uploads this information to the cloud and to its lab, ensuring that it can evaluate and guard against new threats as they emerge.

Does Avast Free Antivirus offer any additional features?

Avast Free Antivirus for Windows 7not only detects and removes malware, but it also includes a password manager, a behavior shield, a Do Not Disturb mode, a browser cleaner, a driver updater, and other useful functions as well. All your passwords are protected with Avast, and you can filter and delete any links that appear to be suspicious or that may be tracking your activities. Whether you use the DND feature, all popups are blocked, which may be really useful when you’re playing games or watching movies.

The behavior shield function is extremely important since it monitors all downloaded programs and alerts the user if any suspicious activity is detected.

It is possible to utilize these capabilities to discover problems on your computer; however, in order to resolve them, you must either purchase the function at an extra fee or upgrade to Avast’s premium protection suite.

Does Avast slow down the computer?

In addition to taking a long time to complete a scan, Avast Antivirus free download for Windows 10 might cause your computer’s performance to suffer during that time. While the software is operating in the background, it has no effect on the overall performance of the system. Users have also been told that the firm no longer gathers or distributes their personal information.

Is Avast only free for 30 days?

Avast Antivirus is completely free to use and may be downloaded and installed on as many computers as you wish. The number of days you can utilize the program’s various capabilities is not limited by the program’s licensing terms. Instead, it solely promotes paying features through the use of its free program. The majority of them are advanced security features that users may find beneficial. All of these premium features are available as part of the Avast Premium Securitysoftware, which is available separately.

Are there any alternatives?

AVG Antivirusis Avast’s sibling firm, and it, too, provides a variety of protection features that are completely free. Other antivirus firms that are worth mentioning are paid, but they provide a free trial period before purchasing their products. Kaspersky Internet Security, Quick Heal Antivirus, and Norton AntiVirus are just a few of the antivirus programs available.

Does Avast offer robust protection?

Avast performs admirably in the field of free anti-virus software, which should alleviate any concerns regarding its effectiveness. The application depends on its machine learning skills as well as cloud protection to discover and eradicate threats from your computer and networking environment.

Despite the fact that the tool is free, it is capable of identifying practically all risks and removing them from your computer with relative ease. There are also some other features, such as a password manager, a URL filter, a USB and network scanner, and more!

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