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From Software, the studio behind Dark Souls and the upcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is working on two unannounced games, its president Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed. Samuel is a long-time PC Gamer freelancer who loves RPGs and making long lists of games he’ll never have time to play.

What is software and how does it work?

  • Software is a set of instructions, data or programs used to operate computers and execute specific tasks. It is the opposite of hardware, which describes the physical aspects of a computer.

What did FromSoftware make?

FromSoftware, Inc. is a Japanese video game development company founded in November 1986 and a subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation. The company is best known for their Armored Core and Souls series, including the related games Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring, known for their high levels of difficulty.

Is FromSoftware a good company?

No Fromsoftware isn’t the greatest game company of the 21st century…. However, Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of all of Fromsoftwares GOOD games, is one of the greatest game developers of the last decade, right up there with Hideo Kojima(Metal Gear) and Fumito Ueda(Shadow of the Colossus, Ico).

Is FromSoftware owned by Sony?

Sony Corporation has formed a new financial partnership that gives its part ownership of the Japanese media conglomerate that owns From Software, the developer behind Dark Souls and Bloodborne. From Software was acquired by Kadokawa in May 2014.

What game engine does FromSoftware use?

FromSoftware is learning Unreal Engine, which could have a significant impact on the development of a future souls title.

Who created Elden ring?

Elden Ring is now officially less than two months away from its February 25th, 2022 release date. As part of the obligatory hype machine, creator and FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki was interviewed by EDGE magazine (issue 367).

Is Elden ring part of Dark Souls?

No, as far as we know at time of writing, Elden Ring is not a sequel, prequel, series spin-off or similar extension of the Dark Souls franchise, despite the clear similarities between the games. That means that while the games are very similar in their worlds, ideas and gameplay, there’s no story link between them.

Why is Ubisoft called Ubisoft?

Ubi Soft (formally named Ubi Soft Entertainment S.A.) was founded by the brothers on 28 March 1986. The name “Ubi Soft” was selected to represent “ubiquitous” software.

How many employees does Fromsoftware have?

From Software is located in the heart of Tokyo, within the Shibuya district. Founded in 1986, the studio now employs roughly 230 people and has consumed “five to six floors” of their office building. One of the first things you see when you walk into From Software is a unique diorama.

Is Dark Souls made with Unreal engine?

Dark Souls-Inspired Environment Made in Unreal Engine 5.

What engine was bloodborne made in?

Fans who want to delve deeper into 2015’s Bloodborne, which is now considered a classic, are finding other projects to pursue — like a PlayStation demake of the game. Game developer Lilith Walther has been creating Bloodborne PSX in Unreal Engine and sharing the passion project on Twitter for some time now.

What engine does demon souls use?

Demon’s Souls on PS5 is Reportedly Using the Shadow of the Colossus Engine | The Nexus.

From Software working on three projects, including an RPG, potential reboot and ‘something weird’

According to the president of the Japanese developer, “our only choice is to create a new Armored Core.” The 13th of June, 2016 From Software, the company that created Dark Souls, has announced that it is presently working on three internal projects, with a clue as to what the games may involve. Publishing In an interview with 4gamer (translated by Neogaf), President Hidetaka Miyazaki stated that the company’s first project would be an action RPG set in a “dark fantasy setting,” but he also stated that the new game would take a different approach from the company’s previous titles, Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

From will be exploring an entirely new industry or genre with the third project, according to Miyazaki, who described it as’something unusual’ and ‘a little odd’.

At the same time, he indicated that there was “absolutely no plan right now” for any Dark Souls sequels, spin-offs, or tie-ins, therefore ruling out the possibility of the first project being a new Souls game.

The most recent installment in the series was Verdict Day, which was released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

For me, Armored Core was the catalyst that launched my professional career, thus it holds a special place in my heart.

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FromSoftware – Wikipedia

FromSoftware, Inc.

Native name 株式会社フロム・ソフトウェア
Romanizedname Kabushiki gaisha furomu sofutowea
Industry Video games
Founded November 1, 1986; 35 years ago
Founder Naotoshi Zin
Headquarters Tokyo,Japan
Key people
  • Hidetaka Miyazaki, (Representative Director and President)
  • Masanori Takeuchi, (Senior Managing Director)
  • Hidetaka Miyazaki, (Representative Director and President)
  • Hidetaka Miyazaki, (Representative
Number of employees 332 (2021)
Parent Kadokawa Corporation
Website fromsoftware.jp

Based in Japan, FromSoftware, Inc. is a video game development business that was established in November 1986 as a subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation. Most notably, the firm is recognized for theirArmored CoreandSoulsseries, which includes the linked titles Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring, which are noted for their high levels of difficulty and distinct atmosphere.


On November 1, 1986, the Japanese company FromSoftware was established as a productivity software developer in Tokyo. In 1994, they releasedKing’s Field as a launch title for thePlayStation, which was the company’s debut video game. It was never published in North America, while a sequel, released in 1995 in North America under the same title as the original, was released in Japan with the titleKing’s Field II. The developer FromSoftware went on to release Echo Night and Shadow Tower in 1998, following the release of the third entry in the series.

FromSoftware would also produce Armored Core around this time, the first of a series of games that would go on to generate a number of sequels to the original game.

As part of its support for thePlayStation 2when it was first released in 2000, FromSoftware provided the system with two role-playing games: Eternal Ring, which, like theKing’s Fieldseries, is a first person RPG, and Evergrace, which is a more conventional action RPG seen from a third person perspective.

  • Also published were two sequels to the games that were previously available on the PlayStation 1, King’s Field IV and Shadow Tower Abyss.
  • IGN would point out, however, that FromSoftware’s focus will turn from RPGs to mech games during this generation, owing in part to the popularity of theArmored Coreseries.
  • A second Xbox game, Metal Wolf Chaos, was released by the company in 2004.
  • Tenchu: Shadow Assassins was released for theNintendo Wii in 2008, following a stock split by the developer FromSoftware.
  • In April 2014, the Kadokawa Corporation announced its desire to acquire the firm from its previous stakeholder, Transcosmos, for an undisclosed sum.
  • When The Game Awards 2015 were held in December 2015, FromSoftware was nominated for developer of the year, but was defeated by CD Projekt Red.

FromSoftware opened a computer-generated imagery (CGI) studio in Fukuoka, Japan, in January 2016, with the goal of developing assets for their games using computer-generated imagery.


The Armored Coreseries is the studio’s longest-running franchise, having had fifteen games created throughout the course of its existence. Armored Core: Verdict Day, the most recent installment in the series, was published globally in September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Enchanted Arms, King’s Field, Chromehounds, Otogi, and Tenchuseries are some of the earlier games that are less well-known outside of Japan. It was the release ofDemon’s Soulsfor thePlayStation 3 in 2009 that gained FromSoftware widespread international recognition.

  • Dark Souls II was published in March of 2014, while Dark Souls III was released in February of 2016.
  • As addition as overwhelming critical praise, theSouls series, which includesBloodborne, has also garnered significant commercial success both locally and abroad.
  • Since their debut, Dark Souls and Bloodbornehave been hailed as two of the best video games of all time by several publications.
  • At E3 2018, two games were announced: Déraciné, which will be exclusive to PlayStation VR, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which will be available on several platforms.
  • R.
List of games developed by FromSoftware

Title System Initial release
King’s Field PlayStation December 16, 1994
King’s Field II July 21, 1995
King’s Field III June 21, 1996
Armored Core July 10, 1997
Armored Core: Project Phantasma December 4, 1997
Shadow Tower June 25, 1998
Echo Night August 13, 1998
Armored Core: Master of Arena February 4, 1999
Spriggan: Lunar Verse June 16, 1999
Frame Gride Dreamcast July 15, 1999
Echo Night 2: The Lord of Nightmares PlayStation August 5, 1999
Eternal Ring PlayStation 2 March 4, 2000
Evergrace April 27, 2000
Armored Core 2 August 3, 2000
The Adventures of CookieCream December 7, 2000
Armored Core 2: Another Age April 12, 2001
Forever Kingdom June 21, 2001
King’s Field IV October 4, 2001
Armored Core 3 April 1, 2002
Lost Kingdoms GameCube April 25, 2002
Otogi: Myth of Demons Xbox December 12, 2002
Armored Core: Silent Line PlayStation 2 January 23, 2003
Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit Xbox July 25, 2002
Thousand Land March 20, 2003
Lost Kingdoms II GameCube May 23, 2003
Shadow Tower Abyss PlayStation 2 October 23, 2003
Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors Xbox December 25, 2003
Nebula: Echo Night PlayStation 2 January 22, 2004
Armored Core: Nexus March 18, 2004
Kuon April 1, 2004
Armored Core: Nine Breaker October 28, 2004
Armored Core: Formula Front PlayStation Portable December 12, 2004
Metal Wolf Chaos Xbox December 22, 2004
Yoshitsune Eiyūden PlayStation 2 January 13, 2005
Another Century’s Episode January 27, 2005
Armored Core: Last Raven August 4, 2005
Enchanted Arms PlayStation 3 January 12, 2006
Xbox 360
Another Century’s Episode 2 PlayStation 2 March 30, 2006
Chromehounds Xbox 360 June 29, 2006
King’s Field: Additional I PlayStation Portable July 20, 2006
King’s Field: Additional II August 24, 2006
Armored Core 4 PlayStation 3 December 21, 2006
Xbox 360
Nanpure VOW Nintendo DS April 26, 2007
Iraroji VOW May 24, 2007
Another Century’s Episode 3: The Final PlayStation 2 September 6, 2007
Armored Core: For Answer PlayStation 3 March 19, 2008
Xbox 360
Shadow Assault: Tenchu Xbox 360 October 8, 2008
Inugamike no Ichizoku Nintendo DS January 22, 2009
Ninja Blade Xbox 360 January 29, 2009
Microsoft Windows
Demon’s Souls PlayStation 3 February 5, 2009
Yatsu Hakamura Nintendo DS April 23, 2009
Another Century’s Episode: R PlayStation 3 August 19, 2010
Monster Hunter Diary PlayStation Portable August 26, 2010
Another Century’s Episode Portable January 13, 2011
Dark Souls PlayStation 3 September 22, 2011
Xbox 360
Microsoft Windows August 23, 2012
PlayStation 4 May 24, 2018
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch October 19, 2018
Armored Core V PlayStation 3 January 26, 2012
Xbox 360
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn PlayStation 3 March 8, 2012
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Xbox 360 June 21, 2012
Armored Core: Verdict Day PlayStation 3 September 26, 2013
Xbox 360
Dark Souls II PlayStation 3 March 13, 2014
Xbox 360
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin PlayStation 3 February 5, 2015
Xbox 360
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
Bloodborne PlayStation 4 March 24, 2015
Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village DX Nintendo 3DS September 10, 2015
Dark Souls III PlayStation 4 March 24, 2016
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows April 12, 2016
Déraciné PlayStation 4 (PlayStation VR) November 6, 2018
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Microsoft Windows March 22, 2019
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Stadia October 28, 2020
Elden Ring Microsoft Windows February 25, 2022
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Xbox One
Xbox Series X/S


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According to the company’s ambitious development strategy, From Software is currently working on two new games. And, no, the upcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is not among these unknown projects to be worked on. Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of From Software, acknowledged that the company is still working on the 3.5 development line, which he had previously stated in a June 2016 interview with Japanese gaming site4Gamer(Thanks,Gematsu). From Software’s products include the following at this time:

  • The following are the scores: 0.5 for Deracine (PlayStation VR)
  • 1.0 for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)
  • 2.0 for Unannounced Titles.

According to Miyazaki, there will be no opportunity for confusion because the 2.0 games are complete titles that are presently in creation and that both are “-esque.” As previously stated, Miyazaki confirmed that he is not referring to eitherDark Souls Remastered orDark Souls III: Remastered. Metal Wolf Chaos is a comic book character created by the artist Metal Wolf Chaos. since both were sought by third-party publishers and were not included in From Software’s own 3.5 development plans In most cases, when people hear that a game is “From Software-esque,” they immediately conjure up images of the “SoulsBorne games,” which include the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series.

  1. However, while Miyazaki has rejected any intentional teasers of Bloodborne 2, the fact remains that anything is conceivable with these unannounced titles.
  2. The game is set in a dark fantasy medieval Japan and takes place in a dark fantasy feudal Japan.
  3. Sekiro is scheduled to release on March 22nd for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  4. We may gain a small compensation if you click on one of the links and make a purchase.
  5. Matt KimNews EditorMatt Kim formerly worked as a freelance journalist, specializing in video games and digital media coverage.

He enjoys video games as a show, and is easily distracted by flashing lights or smart lines of language in the game world. He has also written on personal finance in the past, but it isn’t relevant right now.

r/darksouls3 – What its like working at From Software

A large number of individuals said that this is standard practice in Japan. Edit: From Software has a reputation for having difficult working conditions in the game business, and this is widely recognized. According to this source, the average wage in Japan is: makes around $29k USD per year Take a look at this comparison of Konami before continuing on to the next section of From Software: Salary on average: around $43,000 USD

  • Job hours satisfaction = 3.1/5.0
  • Challenging job satisfaction = 3.1/5.0
  • Stressfree level = 2.7/5.0
  • Annual leave satisfaction = 3.7/5.0
  • Pay satisfaction = 2.8/5.0
  • White percent (i.e. overall satisfaction and how well they treat employees) = 2.4/5.0

The average amount of overtime labor each month is 43.1 hours. The average number of days taken off without prior notice (per month) is 0.1 days. People who have worked there have expressed themselves as follows: Graphic Designer is a person who creates visuals. Salary of around 40k USD per year I believe I received compensation that was comparable with the industry. However, because Konami’s reputation is deteriorating at the moment, employees with competence are being headhunted and forced to leave the company.

  1. Salary of around 33,500 USD per year The majority of the company’s perks were in place.
  2. Graphic Designer is a person who creates visuals.
  3. Programmer.
  4. I’ve attempted to make changes on my own, but the structures that have been put in place from the beginning are difficult to modify.
  • Satisfaction with job hours=1.7/5.0
  • Satisfaction with challenging job = 4.4/5.0
  • Level of stressfree living = 2.7/5.0
  • Satisfaction with annual leave= 3.4/5.0
  • Pay satisfaction= 2.0/5.0
  • White percent (i.e. overall satisfaction and how well they treat employees)= 2.1/5.0
  • And satisfaction with pay= 2.0/5.0.

The average amount of overtime work each month is 76.7 hours. The average number of days taken off without prior notice (per month) is two days. That equates to around 4 hours of overtime every day. Furthermore, this is not even before the deadline, when From is notorious for being merciless and employees are unable to return home. People who have worked there have expressed themselves as follows: Programmer. Salary of around $27k USD per year The salary is quite low when compared to the amount of effort required.

Game-planning strategy.

No, there are no perks provided at this organization, and everyone who has encountered any of the aforementioned issues has resigned, with the exception of a few individuals who are irreplaceable.

Salary of approximately $37k USD Over and above everything else, working hours are excessively lengthy.

The turnover rate among employees is quite high. When From Software creates such fantastic games, they do it on a $30k salary and 12-hour work days, with practically no favorable feedback from those who have worked for them in the past. It has to be, hmm, difficult.

From Software is working on 2 unannounced projects

From Software, the well-known producer of games such as Bloodborne and the Souls series, is now working on two enigmatic new projects. Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of From Software, recently spoke with 4Gamer(viaGematsu) on the 3.5 product line, which he previously referred to as the “3.5” product line. In a 2016 interview, Miyazaki discussed his 3.5-point game approach. Deracine, a little PlayStation VR exclusive game that was launched last year, represents the 0.5 in this example. Then there’s the forthcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which is a major title in the industry.

  • Miyazaki was eager to stress that both of these will be brand-new games, and that they will have the From Software DNA that fans have come to expect from the studio.
  • “We’ll need a little more time, but as they begin to take shape, we’ll be able to share more information with everyone.” As Miyazaki did not state whether or not one of those will be a sequel, it is feasible that one of those will be a sequel.
  • Of course, From Software would subsequently claim that this was not their plan.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 22nd.

From Software Working on 3 Games, One of Which Is Armored Core

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president of From Software and the developer of Dark Souls, has stated that his firm is presently working on three games, one of which will be a new entry in the Armored Core series. At the Tokyo Game Show, Miyazaki spoke with IGN and provided a few indications as to what each of the three games would be about: “So there are a number of projects that we are presently working on,” he said. The fact that some of those are dark fantasy, and some of those may be mechs, is a separate issue.

‘Oh, what the heck is this incredibly strange game that Miyazaki has created?’ will undoubtedly be the first reaction from fans when the title is officially announced.” “Yes, we’re already working on Armored Core,” Miyazaki said when asked if one of those games will be a new installment of the hardcore mech series on which he has previously worked.

Have you had a chance to play Dark Souls III?

Everyone can now affirm that there is something strange going on.

Before, From Software promised a new VR-compatible game would be released in 2017, but Miyazaki was less specific about when the three new games would be released: “There are still several obstacles we need to overcome before launching those new titles, so we’re not sure how many more years we’ll need to build those, but we’re looking forward to making an announcement in the future.” Nothing about these games indicates that they will be a new Dark Souls game (although a game that “complies with the expectations of fans” sounds like it could be cut from the same cloth) – if you’re looking for a new Souls fix, you’ll have to look no further than the upcoming Ashes of Ariandel expansion.

Joe Skrebels is the UK News Editor for IGN, and the fact that the man who developed the Gaping Dragon would describe a game as “strange” is worrisome. On Twitter, you can keep up with him. Was this article of interest to you?

Rumor: FromSoftware Working on PS5 Exclusive, But It’s Not Bloodborne 2

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president of From Software and the developer of Dark Souls, has stated that his firm is presently working on three games, one of which will be a new entry in the Armored Core franchise. At the Tokyo Game Show, Miyazaki spoke with IGN and provided a few indications as to what each of the three games would be about: “So there are a number of projects that we are presently working on,” he explained. The fact that some of those are dark fantasy, and some of those may be mechs, is a distinct possibility.

‘Oh, what the heck is this incredibly strange game that Miyazaki has created?’ will most likely be the reaction of fans when the title is officially announced.

He did not provide any other information, though.

To the question of what the ‘strange’ game may be, Miyazaki had just this response: “So when I say odd, I mean that the genre we’re attempting to experiment with might be a little bit weird.” Additionally, the actual game material itself may be a little strange, to put it mildly,” says the developer.

A new IP is now under development, and Miyazaki has previously stated that he would want to work on a new Armored Core title.

A game being labeled “strange” by Joe Skrebels, IGN’s UK News Editor and the man behind the Gaping Dragon, is ominous to say the least.

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FromSoftware is Apparently Working on a PS5 Exclusive, Project “Velvet Veil” [Update]

In a tweet, Lance McDonald claims that a purported story is untrue, and that the report is thus unfounded. As a reminder, this is completely fictitious in case you didn’t feel like checking into it. It was said that “the same person who initially obtained Elden Ring and Sekiro leaks has now leaked Velvet Vail, a Bloodborne sequel,” according to the source. Later, the aforementioned leaker came forward to say, “no, I didn’t do it.” 19th of June, 2021, by Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) Again, nothing is certain at this point, and we will have to wait and see whether the next FromSoftware game, following Elden Ring, will be a Sony exclusive or not.

  1. Even while the well-known developer is still hard at work on Elden Ring (which is set to release on January 21, 2022), an intriguing rumor has arisen concerning the studio’s next project.
  2. The codename for the reported title is “Velvet Veil.” The rumor is said to have originated from a leaker who has previously stated that Sekiro, Deracine, and Elden Ring will be open-world games as well.
  3. It will be a spiritual successor to Bloodborne, but it will neither be a sequel or a precursor to the game.
  4. The leaker talked about Sekiro, Deracine, and Elden Ring from years ago.
  5. All of this, however, is presently just wild speculation, and everyone is looking forward to Elden Ring’s arrival in the near future.
  6. Days Gone is a recent title that has found its way to the PC, and it has received a great deal of acclaim from PC fans and critics alike for being a fantastic PC version.
  7. Blooborne is one of the most anticipated games to be released on the PC.
  8. Demon’s Souls was also discovered on the PlayStation Store database for the PlayStation 4 a few of days ago.

Even if FromSoftware is working on a PlayStation 5 exclusive project, we shouldn’t expect it to be released anytime soon. With the release of Elden Ring in January, the game would be considered a mid-generation release for the PlayStation 5.

From Software is working on two unannounced games

From Software director Hidetaka Miyazaki confirmed that his studio is currently working on two unannounced games, both of which are in the developer’s established wheelhouse of challenging third-person combat in elaborate, layered worlds. From Software is best known for its work on the Dark Souls series. In an interview with 4Gamer.net, Miyazaki highlighted a June 2016 interview in which he stated that the firm was working on three 3.5-dimensional titles. In addition to the upcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the list also includes the PlayStation VR title Déraciné, which has subsequently been confirmed as one of those games.

“While it is not the appropriate time to share specifics, they are both-esque games,” Miyazaki stated, according to a translation provided by Gematsu.

When asked if the Bloodborne Easter egg found in Déraciné was a hint to a potential sequel, Miyazaki said, “that is pure mischief.” He went on to clarify that the allusion was merely a reflection of the development team’s affection for the game.

FromSoftware Is Making A New PS5 Exclusive

(Photo courtesy of Steam) (Photo courtesy of Steam) FromSoftware, the developer behind the classic video games “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne,” is reportedly working on a new project. (Photo courtesy of Steam) According to noted industry leaker Nick Baker, the game, which is said to be a new PlayStation 5 exclusive, is currently in development at FromSoftware. According to ComicBook.com, Baker’s inside knowledge appears to be the most trustworthy of all of the material that has been revealed thus far because he himself has a mainly favorable track record.

Fans looking for a new “Dark Souls” or “Bloodborne” game, on the other hand, will have to wait until next year.

More information about the supposed game from FromSoftware has also surfaced.

“Elden Ring” is the studio’s forthcoming title, which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

However, it is still unclear what Baker was referring to when he made the “more Souls-like” remark. Take a look at these other resources: Cuphead and Dark Souls are combined in this animation, and the result is pure awesomeness.

FromSoftware’s Pedigree Could Provide Hints About the New Game

Since the release of the first “Souls” game in 2009 (“Demon’s Souls”), this studio has built a reputation for creating atmospheric, challenging games that place an emphasis on intense combat and a dark, gritty story. Their “Souls” series has long been renowned for its extraordinarily difficult fighting, which is exacerbated even further during boss encounters. To be honest, there was also a “Prepare to Die Edition” of “Dark Souls Remastered,” which was released with the game. Because there isn’t much information available concerning the supposed PS5 exclusive, the rest of this article is pure guesswork.

  • “Sekiro” was designed to be more of an action-adventure game than anything else.
  • “Elden Ring,” on the other hand, is generating headlines because developer FromSoftware claims it is a “less difficult” game to complete.
  • In addition, there will be no difficulty settings.
  • (Photo courtesy of Steam) And, given that the upcoming new IP has been described as being more “Souls-like” than the studio’s most recent two games, it’s possible that the studio is returning to its old formula for success.

PS5 Tech Could Play A Part

Sony packed the PS5 with a slew of cutting-edge technology designed specifically for this generation. For the DualSense controller, this is especially true, since its capabilities, like as improved haptics and adjustable triggers, might be utilized in the next PlayStation 5 exclusive. Perhaps even the smallest amount of pressure on the triggers or “feeling” the ground beneath the character’s boots might prove to be essential in a combat, especially during a boss encounter. However, for the time being, nothing is certain until the new PlayStation 5 game is formally released later this year.

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From Software are reportedly working on another PlayStation exclusive

For many years, From Software and Sony have had a solid working partnership, which has led in PlayStation exclusive titles such as Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and Deracine being released. The famed Japanese studio collaborated closely with Sony on these games, and the most of them have garnered positive reviews, particularly Bloodborne, which is widely regarded as one of the best PlayStation exclusives of all time (see below). And, according to the most recent rumors, it appears like the friendship between From Software and Sony will continue through the next generation of gaming systems.

The exclusivity is not Bloodborne 2, and it is possible that it will come in 2022/2023.

screenshot of deracine From Software has previously launched a slew of PlayStation exclusives, including the virtual reality title Deracine, among others.

The company is also expected to conduct a State of Play event on August 19, which might serve as the setting for such a significant announcement.

FromSoftware are Working on 2 Unannounced Games

It has been reported that the creator of Dark Souls is working on two new games, although he has not revealed what they are yet. There are two games currently in development, according to Hidetaka Miyazki, the studio’s president, in an interview with4Gamer.net(viaGematsu). The names are: While it is not the appropriate time to reveal specifics, Miyazaki stated that the games are “both-esque.” “We’ll need a little more time, but as they begin to take shape, we’ll be able to share more information with everyone.” With While they are preparing for the release ofSekiro in March, they have not revealed any information about their future games or the titles on which they are now working, which is disappointing.

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the developer focuses on an action-adventure game that deviates from the developer’s normal souls game model, which is a departure from the previous games in the series.

While talk about a Bloodborne sequel was at an all-time high, Miyazaki claims that it was just there because “I, as well as numerous staff members, enjoy the moniker Bloodborne.

While this may put a damper on the prospect of a Bloodborne 2 sequel, there may still be some chance in the future if the game is not one of the projects currently in development.

The Clues we have from the past years

“By no means are we going to wander ourselves away from the more or less mainstream games that we’re renowned for,” Miyazaki adds, resolutely, into the night. “I believe that this transition will only provide us with positive learnings and experiences, and that this will be something on which we can reflect and which will have a positive impact on the other games that we will be working on in the future.” It’s been a really beneficial learning experience. The servers for Demon’s Souls were shut down at the same time, leading some to speculate that a remaster was in the works.

In 2017, FromSoftware was looking to hire for a Dark Fantasy job.

As Miyazaki further elaborated:”Another point to mention is that one of the new games I’ve been working on will most likely live up to the expectations of the fans in a straightforward manner.” According to an interview with IGN This might indicate a completely new game, or it could mean a remaster.

  • If the game is a remaster, it is doubtful that fresh monster and character designs will be included!
  • Although FromSoftware is not specifically mentioned in this listing, it does state that the offices are located 7 minutes from Sasakusa Station on the Keio Line.
  • What do you imagine the names of the projects that they are working on will be like?
  • More information about FromSoftware’s forthcoming Sekiro game can be found here.

You can also check out10 Things I Want From Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, After Dark Soulsand learn more about the shift from From inSekiro: The Evolution Of Souls if you haven’t already.

Elden Ring Developer Is Seemingly Working on a Secret New Game

At this point in time, Elden Ringmight be the game that developerFromSoftwareis most focused on delivering, but by the sounds of things, it isn’t the only one that is presently in production at the company. According to some fresh information that has surfaced today, FromSoftware appears to be in the process of bringing back a treasured IP from the company’s past, according to the information. And although the rebirth of the franchise will undoubtedly please long-time fans, the description of the game suggests that it may have a lot in common with the studio’s more recent efforts.

Armored Core was a series of mech-combat games that were released over a period of around 15 years before FromSoftware became well-known for their work on Dark Souls, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Elden Ring.

And while FromSoftware has mostly abandoned the Armored Core series since then, it appears like Armored Core 6 may finally be on the way.

The poll, according to the individual in question, was accompanied with two 30-second video clips and a handful of screenshots, all of which were not shared due to the fact that they were watermarked.

For the most part, Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki is credited with overseeing the project, which is set in a “science fiction environment.” According to the description, there was also a vast “three-dimensional terrain” that featured warfare with guns and other weapons like “sword and shield.” The individual who provided this information also stated that the film in issue that they had seen “appeared to be extremely Soulsy.” For the time being, it is unclear whether or not FromSoftware will truly reveal this new Armored Core title in the near future.

Given that Elden Ringwill be launched in a little over a month, it’s safe to assume that we won’t hear anything further about this game’s existence until the studio’s most current project is made available.

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Rumor: From Software Working on Armored Core 6 After Elden Ring

Elden Ring maker From Software is said to be working on Armored Core 6, which is currently in development.

In a customer survey, it was claimed that the game had been unveiled, and that the results had leaked some facts about the putative sequel to the original.

Armored Core 6 leaks revealed by From Software survey

The customer survey, which was apparently shared to Resetera by userRed Liquorice, supposedly had a “description, images, and two 30 second-ish videos of gameplay,” according to the site. As stated by the user, the first video had a boss fight, and the second video included in-world gameplay in a snowy environment. The results of the poll were also disclosed, and they revealed a number of interesting insights about the game. “The sci-fi world developed by Hidetaka Miyazaki,” Armored Core 6 is set on the planet Bashtar and will purportedly contain a “multi-layered tale,” according to the official website.

There will be a broad range of levels, each with its own set of formidable adversaries, and the game is expected to be highly replayable.

The mechs also enable three-dimensional mobility that “no human can replicate,” as well as a high degree of customisation that allows players to “reconfigure body parts and weaponry,” allowing them to create a mech that is tailored to their particular play style and abilities.

Given that the previous core iteration of Armored Core was released in 2012, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of a new installment in the sci-fi third-person shooter franchise.

However, while this putative Armored Core 6leak has several facts, it should be treated with caution until From Software makes a public statement regarding the game’s release date.

In other developments, it has been claimed that Half-Life: Alyxis will be coming to the PlayStation VR 2.

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