Custom Soft Offshore Benifits | Custom Soft Outsourcing Benefits

Customers Benefits

Custom Soft's software services enable clients to enjoy benefits. Following are some Offshore Outsourcing and Offshore Development Benefits.

Core Business Focus :

Custom Soft assumes full responsibility for the outsourced task enabling its clients to focus their time, energy and resources on the core business of increasing sales and market share and expanding into new markets.

Access to Cutting-edge Technologies :

Custom Soft adds value to the clients' IT by using immense hands-on experience and extensive technological know-how.

Cost Reductions :

Through refined software development process, well defined Quality Assurance, advanced technologies and an offshore software outsourcing model, Science Soft eliminates redundant tasks/costs for its clients.

Effective Performance :

Custom Soft designs, develops and manages the business processes of development outsourcing to help clients operate in a better, quicker, smarter and profitable mode, and at a lower cost.

Win-win Partnership :

Custom Soft is a strategic partner for software development outsourcing. We work with our clients in secure and confidential relationships to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation.

Dedicated software Support :

We assign the dedicated team of software professionals with Project Manager and an Account Manager. We also ensures the availability of all hardware, software's, communication tools and other project management resources to make our projects successful.

Scalable resources :

Custom Soft keeps the additional pool of resources 'Ready to Deploy' for the extended need of the client. This helps in smooth transition and expansion of software projects. Being in closed environment makes our all Multiskilled team members to acquire the knowledge in short span and apply in live projects.

Strong Documentation :

With our strong documentation at every stage, right from collecting the requirements to training the user, we ensure clarity in communication. We follow the standards like ISO-9001 and SEI-CMM in our product management and software development processes. Just experience.

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