Reasons for Going Offshore

Offshore development isn't strictly about the bottom line. Its all about partnering with a trusted, capable and reliable development team and profiting from your own business. Offshore development can offer an end-to-end solution. A 24-hour development cycle.

Reasons for Going Offshore :

A concern by ISV CTO :

"We firmly believe in providing a livable working environment for our employees. Instead of asking them to work 16 hours a day, we would much rather have them work 10 or 12 hours, and at the end of the day, hand over the work to the programmers in India, where quality people can do the work and send it back over to us in the morning."

Offshore development firms can also do more than handle everyday programming projects.

Shortage of skilled and cost effective IT professionals.

Our relationship doesn't end here. To ensure that both 'our Client' and 'Our Team' are clear on the goals and expectations of the project, Custom Soft has set up a Web-based project management tool called Custom Soft's Project that displays agreed-upon project and quality milestones. "The client can see what's happening with the project, they can ask questions or assign a task, so if client's team is in USA, when they wake up in the morning, they can just log on and all the questions and assignments are right there."

A good blend of industry and excellent programming skills, dedicated, trust worthy, reliable and cost effective software professionals with offshore software development center.

Next-door availability, with the new edge Internet technology, Custom Soft's team, is available to our client over Telephone, Chat, Video conferencing. Wee also use the solutions like VNC, Net Meeting, Desktop sharing to resolve problems at client end for smooth project execution.

Custom Soft's developers are highly educated; all software Engineers have master's degrees with engineering and science background, fluent in English, and trained in the American way of doing business.

There are other controls in place to ensure a high level of customer service, from the training program that new hires must follow; to the custom software programs has developed to improve client relations. This helps us to smoothen out communication and cultural gaps that remain between his clients and his offshore developers.

Our software engineer must communicate with their clients at least once a day by e-mail, though there are other reporting tools available to both parties. They can also pick an English first name to use with clients, which helps bridge the culture gap, Our client saves anywhere from 60 to 70 % on development costs when they send work to Custom Soft.