Vendor Selection Guidelines

Outsourcing Objective for Vendor Selection Guidelines :

The objective for outsourcing is understood from client. At this level we analyze the business objective for client. Understand client's priorities; approach towards outsourcing and over all IT goals.

Strategy formation :

Strategy for outsourcing software development is developed, reviewed and evaluated. The subsequent IT transition is planned; pricing model is selected to focus on core competencies.

Outsourcing Scope :

This phase covers the definition of the work for IT services outsourcing. Scope is defined in terms of overall Outsourcing Plan, Project-based, Module-based milestones.

Proposition :

A systematic proposition is planned and presented to client. Project is planned on time scale, measurable deliverables and dedicated team size. All the contracts and associated agreements (work agreement) are signed and documented.

Outsourcing Implementation :

This phase involves start-up activities to plan transition and implementation of outsourcing software development. Resources are allocated, work breakdown structure (WBS) is established and administrative functions activated for smooth project management, and formal project kick off.

Outsourcing Management :

The phase encompasses all ongoing activities required to manage the development-outsourcing program, and achieve the contracted results. Specifically, this includes financial administration, performance monitoring, partnership management and delivery integration.