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Document management system - DMS software solution is a program used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. Managing documents has always been a major issue for professional companies of all types. It is not only about receiving a great deal of documentation in the normal course of their business, but also about creating and referring to the necessary large number of other documents when dealing with a typical assignment.

Custom soft expertise in offering customizable DMS software solutions to various clients across the countries like Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and Japan.

Few reasons why document management system - DMS software becomes necessary for your business:

  • Cutting down on manual tasks
  • Information gathering is very time consuming
  • Managing changes and updates to documents is gruesome
  • Sharing of documents between vendors, suppliers and partners is very hard
  • Replication is the result of a de-centralized repository
  • Security and Backup of important documents

Features offered by Custom Soft's DMS software - Document management system:

  • Web-based scanning module
  • Seamless exchange of documents
  • Archiving and indexing facility
  • Access to document within the user-base based on rights and access levels
  • Administrator monitoring tools for checking system usage
  • Audit trail for documents
  • Emailing and document sharing right from the system
  • Quality assurance Protocols for ensuring proper maintenance of digitized copies

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