Quality At Custom Soft

Quality At Custom Soft

At Custom Soft, we understand the value of quality & software testing. We know & understand the balance between cost and the benefit of software testing results. Our various testing methodologies are designed to assess and test the critical areas of a software application.

Our dedicated team of skilled software testers, provides a full range of quality assurance services (QA), including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and reporting, control of software development processes. CustomSoft is engaged in the software development process at each stage to assure the quality of a software product and processes involved.

Our QA services consists of :

  • Review of software Requirements, System Specifications, Project Plan, software Architecture, Databases Structure
  • software Testing: Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing, Configuration Testing, Installation Testing, Code Inspections.
  • Usability Testing: GUI Testing, Design Review
  • Security Testing, Testing Automation, Supplemented documentation quality control, Internal Audits.

We can provide any of the software quality assurance services depending upon customer's needs and requirements.