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"Custom Soft is best Retail Application Development Company. We had great outsourcing experience..."

- Smith Jackson (IT Manager) Smart Reatailer, UK

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Custom Soft Review and Rating System | Custom Soft Review and Rating System

Custom Soft has successfully developed and implemented Review and Rating System for Restaurents. It allows Customers to post their reviews and rating to various restaurents. Base upon the review Restaurents wil apear on top. Other Guest visitors can read the reviews and follow the restaurent to book andarrange parties.

Since there can be lot of fake review, Administrator of the site can read the reviews first. Then only publish the reviews. Customer credentials like contact number and email id is authe nticated to avoide fake review postings. Since the review and ratings ar authenticated, Restaurents are very happpy t see their geniune reviews. It heps Restaurents to improve the Quality, services and make more business.

Contact Custom Soft at [email protected] to see te Demo of Review and Rating System.

More then 100 Restaurents across USA are using Review and Rating Ssytem.

Custom Soft Review and Rating Sytem Key Features:

  • Review amd Ratings are Authenticated before Publishing over Site
  • Customers can Uploda their pictures
  • Restaurents can create the Profile and upload Menu
  • Sharing of expriences
  • Improved Quality and Service by Restaurents
  • Bog Management
  • New Letters & Forumn

Custom Soft Review and Rating System Key Benefits:

  • Allows Customer to Share their Exprice, Review and Feedback
  • Created Competition among Restaurentsso Improvement in Product & Services
  • Avoids Fake Review and Fake Feedback
  • Web based application can be accessed globally

Client is leading Event Management Company from USA. Expecting to roll our Custom Review and Rating System for another 200 Restaurenst in USA.

Custom Soft Review and Rating System management system is a web based application. It is also supported by a secure environment. It protects the Customer information and privacy.

“Custom Soft Review amd Rating System has helped more then 100 Restaurents in USA to improve their Quality, make more business and know the Customers taste. We look forward to roll it over next 200 Restaurents in USA”.
Mr. Mario D. President, Leading Event Management Company from NY

Custom Soft Review:
Read about Custom Soft Review and Rating System from our Client

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