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Custom Soft Review Management | Custom Soft Review System

Custom Soft Review Management System has been successfully developed for US based Client and rolled out at more the 150 locations in USA. Custom Soft Review Management System allows Customer to log the reviews about their newly purchased product from show room. Such review helps Client to improve the Product Performance, Product Quality and Product design for future Product development Cycle.

Customer can also give rating for any product they have purchased. Reviews are written according to different categories. Such reviews are authenticated by Customer Service Department. Only Authenticated Customers can post the reviews.

Customer Service Department immediately takes the action and reviews are sent to Production department where the Product Tracking System provides all information regarding final dispatch and QA to Production Department.

Custom Soft Review Management System Key Features :

  • Ticketing Ssytem
  • Consumer Compalints
  • Investor Guidelines
  • Manage Vendors, Class
  • Corporate News
  • Interactive Corporate Communication

Custom Soft Review Management System Key Benefits :

  • Allows Customer to Provide Valuable Feedback & Review
  • Helps to achieve Continuous Improvement in Product & Services
  • Avoids Fake Review and Fake Feedback
  • Web based application can be accessed globally
  • Add value to Supply Chain.

Client is leading Food & beverage Company from USA. Expecting to roll our Custom Review System for 150 different locations.

Custom Soft review management system is a web based application which works in a secure environment. It protects the Customer information and its purchase information privacy.

“Custom Soft Review Management System will definitely help us to improve our Customer Service Department and will enhance the experience for our Customers”.
Mr. Alen J. Vice President, Leading Supply Chain Management, NY

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