Healthcare DMS | Healthcare Document Management System software

Healthcare DMS | Healthcare Document Management System software

Healthcare sector is going through IT revolution now days and but oblivious the need of healthcare DMS arise. In today's internet era people find it easy to update the information in very less time and to keep update with all kind of data management the document management system software solutions needed all over the world.

Custom soft being an ideal healthcare DMS development company achieved many objectives in this field by satisfying customers across world from UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia.

Healthcare DMS application includes:

  • Improving patient data management
  • Maintain close eye on treatment costs
  • Visit History Management
  • Doctors Information Management
  • Checkups History Management
  • Billing Report Management

Healthcare DMS software : Healthcare Document Management System Features:

  • Storage of documents
  • Document's locking capability
  • Document can be copied or moved within the same DMS.
  • Managing document lifecycles
  • Managing document versions
  • Managing document's properties
  • Enabled document routing
  • Creating document templates
  • Enabled search by keyword input
  • Management of auditing facilities

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